Mobile SSP Company, VRTCAL Unveils SDKs for Android and iOS

Alongside the SDK, Self-Serve and Display Mediation Services, mobile app developers now have tools to address previous concerns in the industry, with regards to advertiser and mediation problems.

Santa Barbara, CA:  VRTCAL, a mobile SSP for publishers, app developers and brands, today announced the release of its SDKs for Android and iOS mobile devices, Self-Serve features, and Display Mediation services, putting the power into the hands of developers to improve efficiency, decrease costs, nimbly manage demand partners and mediation, and ultimately increase revenues.


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“For more than two years, VRTCAL has been a valued partner, helping Mobile Deluxe grow revenues,” said Sean Thompson, VP of Production at Mobile Deluxe. “VRTCAL is a true partner, continually finding ways to innovate their offerings, pushing the boundaries to offer a best in class service. We look forward to the launch of the SDKs and mediation service allowing us to further improve capabilities to manage and increase our revenues.” 

The new VRTCAL SDKs provide developers with quality control for mobile application ads — such as creative quality control filters — as well as an easy integration process, fluid mediation and user engagement measurements.

For four years, VRTCAL’s MarketPlace has provided a means to develop and promote integration, bridging the gap between mobile app developers and brands, by connecting them directly. With the new Self-Serve features, VRTCAL is upleveling the MarketPlace, allowing mobile app developers to auto verify application ownership, confirm app-ads.txt requirements, create and launch display tags with advertisers from the VRTCAL MarketPlace, and build display tags for PMP/Direct Deals with advertisers.  

Alongside the SDK and Self-Serve features, mobile app developers now have tools to address previous concerns in the industry, with regards to advertiser and mediation problems. The new Display Mediation Service gives developers access to an efficient mediation, blocking & reporting of auto-redirects, malicious ads and many other types of bad ads, Postbid reporting of IVT, sensible country targeting and impression caps, and extensive reporting tools. The VRTCAL Display Mediation service is available only via the VRTCAL SDKs.  

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“We listened to our partners and concentrated efforts to develop the VRTCAL SDKs,  Mediation Platform and MarketPlace to meet their needs, further removing inefficiencies and giving the control back to our clients,” said VRTCAL’s founder and president, Todd Wooten. “VRTCAL customers have access to a proven architecture and SDKs to improve efficiency, decrease latency, protect audiences, decrease costs, better manage demand partners and mediation, and increase revenues. With each of our new additional services now and to follow later this year, the vertical bridge between developers and advertisers will begin.” 

VRTCAL’s SDKs are the foundation of the VRTCAL Display Mediation Service, additional Mediation Service SaaS offerings will be launched throughout 2020. 

Speaking exclusively to MarTech Advisor, VRTCAL Founder and President, Todd Wooten, said, “For the last two years, VRTCAL has been dedicated to developing SDKs that include features that app developers have been in desperate need of, such as quality control, sensible management capabilities and real-time bad adblocking that will ultimately drive efficiency for publishers. These SDKs also set us up for a series of rollouts in mediation, SaaS offerings and user engagement data that will be made available later this year.”

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